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Online Circulaire Uniprix Weekly Flyer, Circular & AdsOnline Circulaire Uniprix Weekly Flyer, Circular & Ads Uniprix Flyer 04 To 10 July 2024Uniprix Flyer 04 To 10 July 2024 Online Next Week Circulaire Uniprix Flyer, Circular & AdsOnline Next Week Circulaire Uniprix Flyer, Circular & Ads

About Uniprix

Uniprix Pharmacy Online

Uniprix History and Mission

When a group of independent pharmacists decided to come together under one banner in 1977, their goal was to strengthen their purchasing power without giving up their autonomy. And that’s what they achieved, remaining full owners of their respective establishments.

Now, more than 30 years later, these pioneers and the other pharmacists who later joined them are still motivated by the same ambition: to offer the best service available. What’s more, they now can depend on the expertise of professionals at the Uniprix Group head office. While ensuring the growth of the company, this new partnership unites the strength of all parties involved, allowing the head office and pharmacist-owners to fulfil their central goal, that of being there for you.

The largest groups of independent pharmacists in Quebec

With annual sales reaching more than $1.6 billion, the Uniprix Group – and its banners Uniprix, Unipharm, Clinique Santé and Uniclinique – employs some 4,000 employees in over 375 pharmacies located in all four corners of the province. This makes it the second largest retail pharmacy chain in Quebec, not to mention the largest group of independent pharmacists in the province.

Uniprix, good for you!

In recent years, thanks to powerful advertising campaigns, Uniprix has positioned itself well in a competitive and constantly evolving market. Its message: health professionals concerned for your well-being are standing by to listen to your needs. With service at the heart of our pharmacist-owners’ mission, Uists. They’ll be more than happy to serve you!

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