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With a background in the wholesaling of general goods that happened to include a range of umbrellas, mother-daughter team Bobi and Natalie Jurcic stumbled upon an opportunity to open an umbrella shop nearly 20 years ago. Natalie, barely 10 years old at the time (making her the youngest staff member by far) eagerly helped out after-school and on weekends. And so it went that the business and Natalie both slowly grew together, with Bobi’s nurturing touch.Always keen to hear from their customers, the girls saw a need for a greater selection of quality handcrafted umbrellas after Toronto’s only domestic manufacturer, Atlas Umbrellas moved their production overseas in the mid 90s. Accordingly, European product lines from Pasotti, Guy de Jean, Francesco Maglia and most recently Fox Umbrellas were added to their range. Next, their customers vented that although they were happy with their chic umbrellas stylish and practical rainwear was nowehere to be found. One product line at a time Bobi & Natalie started sourcing raingear, first for children, and later for women and men.

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