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Online Circulaire Petculture Weekly Flyer, Circular & AdsOnline Circulaire Petculture Weekly Flyer, Circular & Ads Online Next Week Circulaire Petculture Flyer, Ads & CircularOnline Next Week Circulaire Petculture Flyer, Ads & Circular

About Petculture

20 Years of Building Pet-Owner Relationships

A family owned, independent business operating for over 20 years, Petculture is Guelph’s premier retailer of pets and pet merchandise. Our Pet Care Specialists are always on hand to offer advice when you’re looking for a new pet, or when you’re looking for the best product to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Find the Pet for You

Our animals, fish and reptiles are constantly taken care of at their temporary home at Petculture. When you are looking for a pet, our Pet Care Specialists will ensure that your new pet is best suited for you and your lifestyle, and has a good new home to look forward to. Not only will we suit you with the best pet, but we will provide you with a complete knowledge of how to care for your new pet.

Pet Food and Merchandise

We have everything you need for your pet under one roof. Whether you are looking for toys and accessories or our high quality food selection, we will help guide you in the best direction to serve the best interest of your pet.

We welcome you and your pet to come visit us at Petculture. We have everything you need for your pet under one roof! Call us today about our deals and programs for our loyal customers!

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