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The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) is an agency of the province of Manitoba mandated with regulating, distributing and selling beverage alcohol in the province of Manitoba.

Established in 1923, the MLCC is charged with the administration of The Liquor Control Act, including the general control, management and supervision of all liquor stores. The Act also empowers the MLCC to buy, import and sell liquor; control the possession, sale, transportation and delivery of liquor in accordance with the Act; and to determine the places in the province in which liquor stores will be established.

With annual sales of over $650 million, the MLCC is one of the largest single buyers of beverage alcohol in the world, purchasing product from over 2,900 suppliers in 56 countries. Through its Distribution Centre, the MLCC supplies approximately 1,700 customers and annually processes over 63,000 orders.

The MLCC also has the distinction of being the first Canadian member of the U.S.-based Wine and Spirits Guild. Comprised of over 40 independent liquor retailers operating more than 500 stores throughout the United States, the Guild operates as a buying group whose goal is to supply Guild customers with high value products at great prices. Membership in the Guild is reserved for operators in non-competing markets and is by invitation only.

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