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About Johnny’s

  • 1899 John B. Ghisolfo emigrates from Italy to Calistoga at the age of thirteen.
  • 1901 A great fire destroys most of downtown Calistoga.
  • 1907 The European Hotel, which is owned by Jouis Banchero, burns down. It was located at the current site of the Mount View Hotel.
  • 1912 The European Hotel reopens for business. The electric railroad makes its first stop at the Calistoga Depot across the street.
  • 1918 Johnny Ghisolfo buys the European Hotel and relocates it to make way for his new Mount View Hotel.
  • 1919 Johnny Ghisolfo builds the Mount View Hotel.
  • 1933 “Johnny’s” restaurant & bar open after the lifting of Prohibition by Congress.
  • 1953 A gas boiler explodes while Johnny tries to light the pilot. He avoids serious injury.
  • 1961 Johnny retires from civic life, having served thirty-two years on the city council and four terms as mayor. He became known as “Mr. Calistoga.”
  • 1964 Johnny retires and hands down business to Johnny Jr. and his wife, Olga.
  • 1974 Johnny Jr. dies of a sudden illness. Two months later, a saddened John B. Ghisolfo passed away at St. Helena Hospital at the age of 88.
  • 1984 Johnny’s Restaurant & Bar closes.
  • 2016 “Johnny’s Restaurant & Bar” reopens in honor of John B. Ghisolfo.

Source: Johnny’s