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Pallucci Furniture owner Clive Braude has been involved in all aspects of the leather furniture business, on an international basis, for more than two decades. Unlike most in the biz, he has the advantage of knowing the entire process, from knowing how it’s built and shipped, to selling it and running a thriving retail business.

In his home of Cape Town, South Africa, he started on the bottom rung as a factory worker, before moving into his role as maintenance manager of the furniture-making machinery. He landed a sales position and spent four years learning about selling furniture to dealers.

Having obtained the know-how, he joined forces with his father-in-law and started Pallucci Furniture stores. They started with two stores and grew to a flourishing operation with 10 stores that offered a whole spectrum of furniture and appliances. By the late 90s, Pallucci was one of Cape Town’s biggest independent furniture retailers.

In 2007, Clive moved his family to Vancouver to join other family members. Along with his management team,  he’s re-launched Pallucci Furniture and doubled the size of the business from a 3000 sq ft store to  6,000 sq. ft. show room at 32 East Broadway and two warehouses in South Vancouver.

Clive is able to keep his prices shockingly low only because of his long history in the leather and upholstery furniture business. He learned to cut out middleman importer/exporters who boost the consumer end price. Instead, he buys direct from the factories that he’s grown to trust.

Clive has been traveling to Asia and the U.S. two to three times a year for the last 15 years, attending furniture shows to study the latest industry trends and to meet with his suppliers. He’s established strong contacts who make quality goods that he buys in large quantity – another reason he can maintain bargain prices on his sofas, love seats, chairs, ottomans and accessories.

Pallucci Furniture may be new to Vancouver, but this independently owned and operated business has a long successful history. We’re also committed to backing up that experience with low prices that include the HST, a one-year warranty, and top-notch customer service.

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