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A Maid For A Day has been providing our house cleaning services to Calgary residents for over 30 years. 

As a true independent company, there is no franchise affiliation, which means we have designed the company, manage the staff and provide services that are designed to meet the needs of Calgarians.

A Maid For A Day understands the different needs of their clients and has structured a very personable, caring business model to ensure a quality relationship exists.

We have been chosen time and time again with numerous awards for our outstanding performance, reliability and commitment to excellence.

At the core of our success rests an incredibly close relationship with our staff.

This high commitment to our employees shines through the work they provide and fuels the outstanding services they perform.

What we do is not easy, but with great staff comes great results.

We service nearly 500 homes every two weeks, with 70% of our clients having been with us over 5 years and many for decades. 

When it comes to home cleaning, we know exactly what we are doing!